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Requirements for approval of FREE Job Wanted Posting

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  1. You must either LIVE in Japan or you must BE ELIGIBLE to work in Japan based on but not necessarily limited to the following criteria:
    • You are living in Japan with any type of visa (even tourist visa is okay for looking for work)

    • You are outside of Japan and have a 4-year college degree AND some jobs skills that will make you eligible for a working visa in Japan, e.g., can teach your native language, IT skills, engineering, law, medical, education or other professional skills OR you either have or are eligible for a visa by means of family relations, marriage, Japanese relatives, working holiday visa, etc.

  2. You must submit your Jobs Wanted listing in 40 words or less in the text of your e-mail message with no attachments. Use hyperlinks to your resume or send it directly to inquiring companies after they contact you. (No attachments will be opened, and submissions over 40 words will not be posted. For this FREE service, jobsinjapan.com does not have the time, nor the manpower to edit ads and respond to ads.)

  3. You should specify "Jobs Wanted in Japan" or "Jobs Wanted from Overseas" in the header of your message. (Any misunderstanding about your ad or where to post it may result in it not getting posted)

  4. You must submit a well prepared ad that employers will want to read and that clearly states either your presence in Japan (by the header) or your eligibility to work in Japan, degree type, skills, etc. (Sloppy ads, ads with lots of misspelled words, nor ads with no clear degrees/skills will not be posted.)

  5. Do not submit your ad or any words in your ad in ALL CAPS unless a particular word is normally spelled in ALL CAPS.

  6. You must be over 18 years of age to submit an ad (or if under 18 the ad must be submitted by a parent or guardian.)

To our readers:

Our main concern in posting your ad is that it be something of value that employers will want to read.

jobsinjapan.com would like to emphasize that you do not have to live in Japan nor currently possess a proper visa for work to use this listing service, however, your ad must be of some value to potential employers in Japan. Thus, you must have some form of eligibility to work in Japan. If you have any doubts what is required to work in Japan, please read to the Guide to Jobs in Japan, which should answer most of your questions.

Simply saying, "Hi, I'm Dave from Chicago, and I want to work in Japan" is of no value to anyone. You would need to state what degree you hold, special skills, or what visa or visa eligibility you have.

Language instructors generally need no skills other than being a native speaker of the language with a 4-year college degree. Working Holiday or Spouse visa eligibility can be substituted for the 4-year degree.

Sending an ad saying, "I'm Abdulla from Turkey and holding a national accounting license and want to come to Japan to work" is completely meaningless and of no value to employers in Japan because (a) there is no mention of the college degree required and (b) with the exception of a CPA credential or other internationally recognized standard used in Japan, most national licenses from other countries will not have any effect on making you eligible for a working visa in Japan.

Sending an ad saying, "I have ten years experience in machine assembly experience in a factory here in my home country" is also meaningless because no work visas are given in Japan for factory, menial and other blue-collar type jobs. Basically any job that is regularly done by Japanese is not a job that work visas can be given for (some governmental training programs being an exception).

jobsinjapan.com had been receiving a large number of ads from people who are basically not eligible to work in Japan, and we had been posting most of them just as a courtesy but from 2002 we started applying a "hirability" standard, and if we do not feel that the person submitting the ad can be hired from overseas, we are not going to post the ad, and we cannot reply to each ad either to explain why it was not posted.

At the same time please note that any foreigner LIVING IN Japan is can be hired regardless of what kind of visa he or she may have at the present time. Although "Dave" from Chicago above may be selling himself short with the brief ad, if he is in Japan, someone might call him about some type of work since he could show up and do it that weekend. "Abdulla" from Turkey, although his chances may be limited, might get a call from some small company needing an accountant or Turkish speaker. And the machine assembly person might get a call as well if he were in Japan. Even if he were on a tourist visa, this might be changing at some point to a student, cultural or spouse visas and employers might still take an interest. Many employers are not real finicky about visas as long as there is some plan for getting a proper visa at some point.

We had receiving a rather large volume of "resumes," indicating that these people did not read the Guidelines on this page. We do not open attachments, and we do not have the manpower for this free service to edit resumes down to a 50-word summary.

There are all types of jobs and employers are always looking, but if you are overseas you MUST have some special skills or eligibility potential or no employer is going to consider hiring you.

Finally, please note that your chances for finding a job will be better by sending your resume directly to schools, however, we do believe that impressive candidates will receive some feedback from their ads posted on this site. Throughout the year we remind all English schools and other businesses in Japan that they can conveniently browse these pages at no cost to them.

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